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It is estimated £28.3bn has been cut in disability support but there has been no full impact assessment to assess the impact of the cuts on the individual. It is estimated the most severely

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The data is divided in political constituencies The best performing constituencies are: Brighton Pavillion  (Caroline Lucas MP) with 217 WOW signatures Hornsey & Wood Green (Catherine West MP) with 174 signatures Bristol West  

WOW Campaign replies to the Government

Since 2012 nearly 200,000 have signed 3 e-petitions that challenge the Government to demonstrate a duty of care towards sick and disabled people by assessing the cumulative impact on this group of the swathes

Reactions on Twitter to the reply WOW petition received from the Government

These are some of the comments on Twitter following the Government’s reply to the WOW petition. One thing they all have in common is that no one seems to be very surprised.    

The Government replied to WOW petition. What is your reaction?

We have received this reply from the government. Are you happy with it? If not, why not?  Please add your comments at the bottom.  However, it is not possible, using the Government’s existing analytical tools, to produce

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We need 100.000 signatures by February 2016 to trigger a second debate in the House of Commons asking for a cumulative impact assessement of the cuts affecting sick and disabled people and carers. You

The failings of the DWP and ATOS on Peggy.

In November 2010 Peggy, my cousin had her Parkinson’s support worker fill out a claim for DLA she was 63 at that time. They did not hear anything until April of 2011, when an

Tell us your experience: They just want to us to go away and die

They are cutting everything here, my friend’s social care package reduced from 20 hours a week to 4! How is she supposed to manage? She is lucky she has friends but what if she

Tell us your experience: Reason I totally support Wow Petition….

I have suffered with severe depression since a teenager, I’m 40 nxt month! I am so appalled to the treatment I’ve received from dept working pension when I was moved onto ESA from Incapacity